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Welcome to CampaignDocs eRetrieval

Welcome to Campaign Finance Disclosure

What is on this Site?

  • Campaign disclosure reports filed after the launch of CampaignDocs on January 1, 2018
  • Campaign finance disclosure reports for filers who have local filing requirements, including special district,

      school district and county offices and/or measures located or campaigning within Stanislaus County

  • Candidates/officeholders who do not raise or spend more than $2,000 are not required to provide detailed disclosure of contributions or expenditures.  Form 470 is filed to declare intent to stay under the $2,000 threshold
  • Campaign filings will be available for a period of seven years for all offices other than the Board of Supervisors
  • Campaign disclosure reports for officeholders of the Board of Supervisors are maintained indefinitely  

FPPC forms filed prior to the launch of CampaignDocs in 2018 can be reviewed by:

    • Search by officeholders last name – look for their Permanent Retention Archive file
    • Search by Ballot Item – Board of Supervisors and review the Permanent Retention Archive file
    • Forms filed prior to 2003 are available for review at the office of the Registrar of Voters
  • Unredacted FPPC forms are available at the Registrar of Voters office - 1021 I Street, Modesto


    What is not on this Site?




    COUNTY OFFICES:   Pursuant to Assembly Bill 571, beginning January 1, 2021, the state campaign contribution limit will by default apply to city and county candidates when the city or county has not already enacted a contribution limit on such candidates.  Stanislaus County has not enacted a contribution limit for candidates for county offices and will default to current state contribution limits.


    FPPC Current State Contribution Limits FPPC - State Contribution Limits

    Additional information FPPC - What's New

    AB 571 Fact Sheet FPPC - AB 571 Fact Sheet




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    If you are having issues viewing online forms, contact Candidate Services at 209-525-5237.



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