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* This search will display a list of Filers by name. The "Filer Name" may be:
  • Candidate or Officeholders without Committees: Candidate or Officeholder’s Name
  • Recipient Committees: Committee Name as it appears on the Form 410
  • Major Donor/Independent Expenditure Committee: Individual, Business, or Association Name
* The Filing Year drop-down will control the items displayed in the search results based on the Filing Year the filed form is linked to.
  • Period Covered Forms (E.g. 460, 460-T, 425, 450, 461, 401) linked to the year of period covered
  • Forms Linked to an Election (E.g. 501, 496, 497, 498) linked to the year of election
  • Non-Recurrence Forms (E.g. 410, 410-T, 511, 400) linked to the filed date
* The Allow Partial Match checkbox allows you to enter key letters or words which will display all Committees or Filers with the same letters or words (E.g. "Friends of" or "Frie"). To display a list of all Filers, leave the Name of Filer field blank and click "Search".

To search for a specific Candidate or Committees related to specific Candidates, please use the “Candidate’s Last Name” search.
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